Many of you have reached to us asking for updates on the development of the new Simon the Sorcerer, a game that we had been working on during the last couple of years.

We’re sad to say that due to the unforeseen departure of a key member of our team very near the Kickstarter launch, we felt obliged to halt the campaign as it would had been a dishonest (and dangerous) move with our community and all potential backers.

This rapidly escalated into a complete staff reshuffle and we’re no longer in a position where we fill confident our current team is the best to capture the snarky, irreverent humor that we all want to see in this next big installment.

We’re looking for suitable candidates to move forward with Simon and we’ll announce this over a few gamedev networks + our own social media channels.  In the meantime, development can be considered indefinitely halted and we’re focusing in other projects that we’re also quite excited about and are keeping us sane after much stressful times.

Our deepest  and most sincere apologies to everyone.
We continue to appreciate your support.